Dell and the Other Google Desktop

An interesting development: Dell now ships PCs with a Dell-ified variant of Google’s customizable home page as the startup page in the installed browser. (What was the prior default home page?)

In the long run this will matter more as an anti-Microsoft strategy than will the nutty Google Pack, Nick Carr’s entertaining conspiracy theory aside.


  1. I would argue Google just jumped the shark with this. To do something anti-microsoft means they are done with focusing on pro-consumer. This seems like nothing more than the usual babies fighting in the sandlot type of stuff.

  2. i luv the 90s! how many “deals” were done to change the default home page on new PCs from 97-99? i lost count.

  3. Anonymoose says:

    I believe was the previous homepage.

  4. Why do you consider that a conspiracy theory? Explain your point of view already.
    Nick’s post seems pretty straightforward.

  5. I’m not suggesting Nick’s post isn’t straightforward — his posts are usually nothing if not direct. Nevertheless, there is a whiff of the conspiratorial in his suggestion of dark Trojan-ish motivations in Google’s decision to put out Google Pack.
    I’m happy to concede that it’s possible there is more going on here than two founders muscling into motion one of their own nutty ideas. But if Google were truly doing what Nicks says, then it should be putting an automatic updater on PCs.
    After all, the current Pack strategy is, to paraphrase Newsweek’s Steve Levy, more like being an unpaid provider of Windows XP service patches.