Astroblogging (n.)


  1. The act or instance of company employees or public relations representatives posting anonymously to blogs critical of said company: i.e.,  all the astroblogging at TechCrunch on the Tello post

Origin: Astroblogging is based on the term astroturfing, which in political circles is used to describe organized projects which seek to create the (false) impression of spontaneous, grassroots behavior. Astroblogging is, in turn, a play on astroturfing.


  1. Great phrase!

  2. Thanks Pete. If my legacy isn’t going to be Steve Jobs-style billions, at least maybe it can be adding some useful new words to the language 😉

  3. I usually hate buzz words — but I like this one a lot. Astroblogging reminds me of review comments wherein employees of criticized co.s waste more time singing praises & bashing the critics than actually listening and *improving* the $##$ product!

  4. Paul, I may have missed something…can you explain the etymology?