Ana Marie Cox (Wonkette) Has Left the Building

Blogger Ana Marie Coxe, or Wonkette as she is better known via her very popular blog, is leaving the blogging business. See here and here.

Ana is a talented writer and is ably demonstating something I argue all the time: The financial returns to career bloggers remain higher outside the blog-o-sphere. Put differently, most full-time bloggers who aren’t using their blogs to leverage other work are closet philanthropists — and a smaller subset of full-time bloggers who don’t abandon the business for better-paying stuff that blogging has leveraged are irrational altogether.


  1. its smart for her to leave – she was beginning to become a point of derision. your assessment of her is correct only on a superficial level, she had become a point of mockery in the circles she was travelling in.

  2. GrumpY has a point, but I agree with Paul generally, blogging may be a good springboard but as yet has no business model sufficient for someone on the top rungs. As a voice for someone who has another source of income blogging works great, but by itself it is a dead end.
    For me blogging would be a springboard to nowhere which is why I don’t blog but remain an itinerant commenter.

  3. Bloggers gotta eat too

    If Paul Kedrosky’s thesis about how well blogging pays (it doesn’t) is correct – and I most definitely think it is – then that explains why so much of the ‘professional media’ doesn’t like bloggers.On that note, thanks to Tom

  4. “A Springboard to Nowhere” sounds like a good title for a book, though it may be hard to find someone willing to pay “mid-six figures” (the value of Ana’s latest book deal) for it.