All the Toys at Infectious Greed

I have the bad habit of launching various services and toys from this site, and then not remembering to link to them or explain them after a while. So, here is a comprehensive list of all the services that I have created and that are currently accessible from this site:

  • SEC 13F filings feed: A live list of filings by large professional investors containing their current stockholdings and significant changes. Useful if you want to know what big boys and girls are doing right now.
  • Loeb Wire feed: A mostly playful feed that updates whenever hedge fund Daniel Loeb of Third Point sends out a letter to a management team at one of his portfolio companies. Said letters are usually highly entertaining reading.
  • HD prices feed: A live data feed of daily changes in hard-drive prices at the 80gb and 120gb price points. It is a slice of a larger data feed that I created some time as a much larger project for a company.
  • Real Estate BubbleWire feed: A daily data dump of real estate inventory levels (and changes) in major U.S. metropolitan areas (plus Vancouver, Canada).
  • Feedburner statistics feed: A little hack that allows you to subscribe to an RSS feed of your traffic data from Feedburner.
  • Public Loos: A mashup that places public restroom locations (and related editorial comments!) on a Google Maps view of San Francisco.
  • More to come, including  a new search-ish service very shortly ….


  1. Dude, you’re showing your age. I’m pretty sure your HD feed is about 80Gb, not 80mb (or even 80Mb) drives.

  2. The Loeb feed is excellent!