Zen-Style Comment Spam: A Scorched Search Engine Strategy?

When a comment spammer spams, but there is nothing being sold in their spam message, and their hyperlinks don’t lead anywhere, what are they spamming? This zen question has been bothering me over the last twenty-four hours after an outbreak of spam messages here, all of which name no products, link to no sites, and make no real sense. Here is an edited snippet from a recent example here of this zen spam:

awesome stuff! thanks for all the information. game will tv unconditionally: , Small, White, Astonishing nothing comparative to Greedy

[Update] There is a sensible hypothesis in a comment to this post that this is really a concerted attempt to damage search engines’ ability “to distinguish between good and bad content by polluting decent sites with spam-like content”. Call it a sort of scorched search engine strategy against anti-splog technology. Fascinating and truly unfortunate, because while I’m able to keep this stuff (mostly) at bay here, such is not likely to be case everywhere.


  1. They are trying to damage search engines ability to distinguish between good and bad content by polluting decent sites with spam like content. Basically trying to bury the engines with a sea of false positives to foil their attempts to find and weed out splogs

  2. Ah, good hypothesis, a sort of scorched Google strategy. It seems concerted and organized, so I wonder who is behind it. A story there.

  3. from my experience dealing with email spam, i also wonder if it’s not just buggy spamming software that failed to create the proper links. much like emails i’ve received that have a subject of “$SUBJECT” or something similar.