VH1 Goes for the Edge Content Thing

A story in today’s Hollywood Reporter talks about MTV’s VH1 network’s plans for collaborative content. Among other things, the network will allow people to upload video snippets for an upcoming new network show called “Web Junk”, a kind of Talk Soup of viral videos being spread around the web (like the recent SNL “Lazy Sunday”clip).

Two key quotes are the following:

  • “Our intention as creators and aggregators of content is to treat our audience as publishers.”
  • “Six or nine months down the road, virtually everything we do will have a viewer-generated component to it.”

As an aside, Google Video of the Day is an erratic but interesting analogous site to which I guiltily subscribe. Where else are you going to find videos of people playing cliff-top darts with junked cars?


  1. Franklin Stubbs says:

    If focus is the new black, then Google Video is the new crack…

  2. No argument from me. If the Russkies had thought of Google Video during the 1980s then maybe the Cold War would have gone the other way.