Tools, We’ve Got Tools

Now and then I plug software tools that I use regularly on the assumption that other folks may find them useful. Here are a couple more tools that have stood the test of time here at Casa Kedrosky:

  • Blogjet. This great little app is a lifesaver when it comes to writing/editing blog entries. It is a graphical and responsive editor with nicely-done Flickr integration, and a tool that I swear by.
  • Gaim. I stopped using instant messaging ages ago for two main reasons. First, there were too many interruptions. Second, I hated running multiple clients depending on which messaging network people were on. While there are various multiprotocol messaging clients out there, none of them are better than the free open-source project Gaim. Now in its beta 2.0 incarnation, this is the only reason I’m still (selectively and sometimes invisibly — see my first point up above) on instant messaging.