Ten Minutes at the mid-Wilshire FedEx Office

The L.A. Times’ “Passing Through” column each weekend is always interesting reading, with the writer spending a chunk of time talking to people as they do the mundane things that take up our day, from strolling on the Santa Monica Pier, to sending email. This week’s edition was at a FedEx store on Wilshire Avenue in Los Angeles, and the results are weirdly fascinating, as usual:

Marnie Goodfriend
Event operations director, speed-dating firm
Los Angeles

What are you sending today?

Materials to hosts of speed-dating events. There are pens, scorecards, name tags, stopwatches and whistles.

Most interesting package you’ve ever received?

When I was at summer camp, my father, who is a carpet manufacturer, sent me a roll of carpet for my cabin. It was sweet, but embarrassing.

How dependent are you on speedy delivery services?

Well, I work for a company called HurryDate.

What are your holiday shipping tips?

Don’t wrap. If they need to open them, everything has to be rewrapped. And put an invoice inside, so if the package gets lost or the label peels off, they can get it to you.

Packing popcorn versus bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap. I like the little bubbles.