Selling Canada by the Pound

Tim Hortons, the quintessential Canadian doughnut chain (even if it’s owned by Wendy’s) — right down to being named after a hockey player — is going public. The company filed its S-1 today, and it’s fun reading. For instance, by my quick calculation the company serves up around 563,396,800 doughnuts per year in Canada, which is roughly 35,000 tons, or around one 1970s vintage supertanker worth of glazed Timbits. A scary thought.


  1. Tim Hortons. half a trill dohgnuts…ok and say the same in throw-away cups? – more street litter generated by TH in Ontario than any other corporation. I ride by it every day.

  2. Yikes… I have a Tim Hortons a block away from my office. Within the last year or so they started bringing in frozen product and then warming it up. I thought that was livable because I like Tim Hortons.
    However, if they go corporate who knows what else they’re going to do?!!
    Tim Horton’s brand loyalty is huge among Canadians. I hope they don’t tarnish by going corporate and then watching the balance and income statement.
    The reason I like Tim Hortons is because it’s a community place with people who visit with each other. The coffee and doughnuts are secondary.