Open Source Research

A new agreement has been reached among top companies and universities on the commercialization of research related to open source software. This issue is a big deal inside of such schools, as there is a tension between the IP side of the house and the research side at many universities, with restrictions making it difficult to work productively with the open source community.

Will this drive further strides in open source research where industry and researchers work together more productively? It would be nice, and while this could turn out to be a damp squib, it could also be the beginning of something very important.


  1. J. V. DeLong says:

    A puzzling part of the agreement is its emphasis on the importance of allowing commercial use of the resulting product. This seems to put the enterprise at odds with the GPL, which is designed to make commerical use very difficult, given Stallman’s belief that proprietary software is an abomination. (See discussion here:
    I have emailed a couple of participants asking for clarification of this point.