Mythbusters and John Doerr

As a huge fan of the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters (how I loved the episode where they tried to use medical tubing to slingshot a dummy across the Canadian border), this interview at Slashdot with the program’s co-hosts was catnip.

While not nearly as telegenic, it would be great to see mythbusting extended to other domains, like venture capital. Like, is it really true that valuation doesn’t matter? Is the shortest half-life in the universe really, as a magazine article put it years ago, the time between when a major journalist calls KP’s John Doerr and he calls back?

Favorites? by MikesOnFire
What is your favorite Busted Myth and your favorite Confirmed one?

ADAM SAVAGE — I’ve always been partial to the Penny Drop myth, i.e. will a penny dropped from the Empire State Building kill you when it hits the ground? To me, that was one of the most elegant and simple applications of science to a question that we’ve done. Until last week. We just worked on a myth called “bullets fired up” — i.e., will a bullet fired directly vertically kill you when it comes back down. We did tons of research on it, and in the end, added significantly to the body of knowledge that’s out there on the subject. I won’t give away the ending, but we nailed this one.


  1. I am going sky-diving new years eve…I’ll be sure to bring a bullet and penny.