Merging Search & Social Networks

The evolving people search tool Zoominfo has taken people search up a level, with the folks there launching this morning some very useful new features. One interesting addition has to do with RSS, whereby you can subscribe to search results, and, say, learn as target people change employers, or as new management members are added (or lost) at companies of interest.

The other new features are around autonomous social network detection, wherein you can not just find someone and check their current employer and recent work history, but you can also dive into their work relationships with other people. Here are Tim O’Reilly’s results, which are far from perfect, but still a useful and a meaningful step forward.

You can, for example, find out who they likely worked with, who those people worked with, and how many of them all worked at Company X or Company Y. All very useful stuff, especially in recruiting, background diligence on prospective employees, but now also in “instrumenting” your relationships without forcing you to go to social networking tools to plug in all the data.

Have a look. I know a growing number of people in the venture and private equity industries who find that Zoominfo has become part of their toolkit.