John Doerr Sizes the Web 2.0 Boom

There is a mildly entertaining video out of venture guy John Doerr explaining the dimensions of the Web 2.0 bubble boom to ZDNet Editor Dan Farber. Doerr is a very smart and savvy guy, someone who could buy me one hundred times over and have enough money left to buy Eastern Europe and convert it into a bocce park, but his comments didn’t do much for me.

For example, while there is an element of vanity to the blogging boom, Doerr’s riff that there are more bloggers than blog readers — so it’s all about vanity — was tired and easy. I would have expected Doerr to skip the easy putdown and dig deeper.

[via Techdirt]


  1. the same john doerr who proclaimed at the onset of the bust that he was moving away from internet investments on to “more interesing” stuff in clean energy, biotech, etc??
    in any case, why why why do people continue to onverinvest in the web?? look at the capitalization google and yahoo are accumulating. they don’t really have any useful outlet for this cash, it just ends up going into compensation. what are the major problems in our world that will be solved at this point with a website??? triple the mileage of my car, now thats a $100 billion idea.

  2. Speaking of bubbles, have you seen the bubble 2.0 shirt at

  3. You’re right, he forgot to mention it’s also about selling t-shirts and coffee mugs. Ok that was an easy putdown as well. :) But seriously, take this blog as an example. You have some good insights on things but from what I can tell, half the time you’re opining on subjects you know virtually nothing about, no more than say someone who has read maybe a book or two on the subject. The question is why are you volunteering all these pseudo analyses and half-baked ideas? Probably in part because it’s fun and you enjoy the mindshare, after all you do write well and are seem to be fairly witty, but also because you’re marketing yourself. So in some sense Doerr is right, no? Blogging is a form of vanity. I don’t mean this negatively as vanity need not be a weakness as it is often rooted in strength and ability.

  4. Point of fact, the world runs on pseudo analyses and half-baked ideas (although I prefer to think of my ideas as three-quarter baked, and therefore a statistically significant improvement).