Jason Calacanis Enters the Matrix

I missed the following from Jason Calacanis a week or two back. You have to love it:

I want to be able to run three–yes three–24inch monitors off of [my new computer]. Right now I’m kicking two Dell 2405’s and loving life. I want to move to three so I can be surrounded by them and have IM windows on the left, email in the middle, and side projects on the right.

My main office setup has one Dell 2405 (a 24” LCD), and one “smaller” Dell panel that clocks in at around 19”. Funny thing is, as Jason is implicitly saying here, I keep wishing I had more screen real estate. Yes, people would make even more jokes about me playing air traffic controller in my spare time, but luxuriating in the glow of so many monitors feels … necessary.


  1. amen brutha, the dell 2405 rocks.
    believe it or not they are revving up for a 30 inch model that will surely undercut apple’s $2499 price point for its 30 inch offering

  2. I have seen – but do not recall where – an add-in PCMCIA card that offered to let you drive a monitor from a laptop. Laptop screen, monitor on the built-in port on the back, and add=in card.
    Having three monitors on my desk is a low-level itch I’d like to scratch.

  3. Have the Dell 2405 and 2×19 inch monitors. Loving it :)

  4. Scott White says:

    When I joined Amazon a month ago I was pleasantly suprised to find that three monitors is the default for techies: 2 19″ LCDs and a 15″ laptop. The way I have it set up I have Outlook and IM on the laptop, Firefox browser with a zillion tabs open on one 19″, and a slew of xterms on the other 19″.