Google’s Smart(er) Gmail

The usual privacy paranoids won’t like this, but I already like the just-launched Gmail feature where the service automatically detects structured information in emails, like FedEx/UPS/etc tracking numbers, or addresses, and then offers to track the package, or map the address, respectively. It’s about time.


  1. Hrm. It can’t be that ‘just launched’- it has been offering to track my amazon packages for quite some time- a couple months, at least.

  2. And just think: when Google Calendar launches, it should be able to do similar things like automatically populate lunch and meeting dates from your email into your calendar. Seriously.
    Calendar might just be a *good* new product from Google.

  3. zack w handley says:

    what a half assed implementation of RSS integration. can you import opml subscription lists? nope ….two rss products in a row that Suck. Why?
    I expect more from Google.

  4. Yeah, the RSS feature does nothing for me. Don’t like it, don’t even look at it. But the structured email thing … that’s nifty. As a previous poster says, linking it to calendars as well as shipping data and maps would be great.