Google Hearts Plagiarism(?)

Does Google actually love plagiarism? Because one plausible view of the current only-in-blog-land scandal over blog plagiarism (it has happened to both Om and Mike) is this: Google should suspend Adsense on sites that reuse content from blogs, et al., without permission, but Google doesn’t do this — ergo, it implicitly condones plagiarism.

Why would Google act, you know, evil? Because eyeballs are eyeballs and traffic is traffic. Until someone really shouts and makes a lot of noise, forcing either Google or its advertisers to sit up and notice, what’s the incentive for Google to shrink the size of its Adsense network — or even admit this is going on?

Not much.


  1. On a somewhat related note, Google’s personalized history does not remember any sponsored links in the personalized history. They will remember all the links you clicked on the algorithmic side of the search results but none of the sponsored ones. Seems very unfair to the advertisers.

  2. It’s certainly possible to shut these things down, but I think it takes a good bit of work, and I’m not sure how you design an algorithm to determine who really owns the content and who is re-using it…

  3. When Google “rips” books for their Print service without asking the owners (copyright holders), bloggers wonder why would anyone want to stop Google from doing this good. When Google “supports” (ie. does not discriminate) unknown parties who rip the unidentifiable content owned by bloggers, this is Google doing evil?
    Despite their slogan, would you really trust or want Google as the judge on good vs. evil?