Google Calendar Tuesday?

Two Google-ish people who should know (or should at least know better) are telling me late today that Google Calendar will launch tomorrow, complete with Gmail and Google Maps integration.

Why do I care? Good question. Mostly because I keep thinking calendaring can be done so much better, and while Google is as likely as the next company to get it wrong, the Rule of Monkeys and Typewriters applies. If enough people experiment with enough calendars someone is bound to get close enough to solve some of my calendaring issues, many of which center on integration with mail, maps, and the separation of home and my various workplaces.


  1. the best thing would be if they can process text based input. i hate selecting 10 fields or clicking on a javascript calendar just to tell the event is tomorrow. let me express dates with plain english (or turkish in my case). i want to write party@2 days later or significiant’s birthday@1 March.

  2. this field is already crowded…planzo, kiko, calendarhub, etc all offer “ajaxified” calendars. its likely in the nex tyear that yahoo will also rev up its calendar. google’s value add might be in auto-linking to crawled events links, a feat yahoo could likely replicate, but the bit-players won’t be able to.

  3. It’s Wednesday and nothing yet. Your sources suck.

  4. I’ve been hearing this Google Calendar rumor for weeks now. People keep telling me: “it’s definitely going to launch tomorrow!” Perhaps they’ve learnt from past mistakes (Analytics comes to mind) and they’re preparing properly this time.

  5. gCalendar is popping its head up regularly, yet it seems that dates leaked for its release come and go regularly.
    I for one will be looking forward to it.