Gmail is too Small

Yo Google, Gmail accounts are too small.

Yes, 2.7 GB might seem like a lot, but having set Gmail to be an online archive of all of my email — everything gets forwarded through there, thus making it web accessible — I have spiked up to 286 MB (11% of capacity) in a scant three months. At this rate I will have hit the limit on my Gmail account within a little more than two years.

Why can’t I buy more Gmail storage? I want 10 GB, or maybe a terabyte. Honest, I’m good for it.


  1. Gmail is in testing phase again, probably you’ll be able to bought more storage in the future.
    At the moment the best place where to store e-mails is my iPod.

  2. Michael Robinson says:

    Why don’t you just do what everybody else does, and open a new account when your current account fills up?
    Also, Gmail’s quota is constantly increasing. Back of the envelope, it’s increasing roughly as fast as you’re filling it. So, don’t panic.

  3. I would pay for more storage in Gmail too

  4. Michael’s right — it used to be 2 gigabytes not that long ago. If you go to the login screen you can see the amount of storage ticking upwards in (presumably) real time.

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  6. I recommend you to forward all your email of your current Gmail account to another Gmail account. Once is full (the first one), you delete all the email and start a new one (just remember to change the forwarding to the new address) that way, you won´t have to tell people you´ve changed your address and you´ll keep all your stuff.
    From Barcelona, Spain.