Don’t Read This Blog

We are endlessly distracted in this world of continuous partial attention. While most of us have become more adept at dealing with all these technology distractions — IM! email! blogs! phones! iTunes! live weather! — we are mostly kidding ourselves.

As I have written previously, Focus is the new black. Doing more at once is not the same thing as getting more done. Some things just require focused time and dedicated blocks of undivided attention. As the old saying goes, Bringing a baby from conception to delivery takes nine months, no matter how you subdivide the job.

There is another good piece on this whole subject in the current issue of USN&WR (courtesy of Rael at O’Reilly Radar). Here’s Danny O’Brien of Life Hacks on the subject:

“If you’re a computer user, your biggest problem is endless, endless distractions,” explains Danny O’Brien, the 36-year-old “father” of the online self-help movement and a self-effacing Brit who describes himself as one of the most disorganized people you’ll ever meet. “With the Web, you can click on one link after another. Rather than finding the correct spelling of ‘capitalization,’ you end up editing an article about Serbo-Croatian on Wikipedia, and it’s 3 hours later.”

By the way, I was kidding when I titled this post “Don’t Read This Blog”. I meant, of course, Don’t read any of those other lousy, time-consuming blogs.


  1. You’re certainly not helping, Paul — you wrote five blog posts in the last two hours :-) And naturally, I had to read every single one, even though I should be doing something else.

  2. Good point. The people in charge have now been sacked.