Doing the eBay Drop

Brian Dear has a fascinating data-driven post up (oye, from a week ago!!) about the precipitous annual decline in Christmas business at eBay. Along the way, he makes some very good points about the flattening being shown in the auction company’s growth. Great stuff.


  1. Paul, I just updated the posting — scroll to the bottom to see today’s update. The 2005 graph for eBay is right smack dab on target — huge plummet is now in progress! Wheeee! :-)

  2. The volatility in the sell thru data is interesting too.
    It’s so stable, I guess that shows that this is more a channel than a retail outlet.
    Assuming I reading the chart right, buy-it-now was a profitable introduction! Interesting, the market place design problem.
    It’s a shame they don’t have data showing changes in sell thru after after 9/11. I’ve heard sellers said that period was catastrophic for their cash flow.