CES No-Show

I will almost certainly be a no-show at CES this year. I have just too many other things going on, despite CES being only a short one-hour flight from here. The day to go looks like Friday, what with it being all-search, all-the-time in the scheduled keynotes. Yahoo’s Terry Semel is set to go in the morning, and then the big prize of Google’s shy guy, Larry Page, at 4pm.

(Has anyone warned the people at McCarron? The attendee rush at the airport, post-Page, is going to be nuts.)

On a related CES note, Albert Lai and the folks at BubbleShare have set up a wiki and an un-conference at CES. If you’re of a mind to hack the conference — which is, as the last of the really big old-line tech conferences, desperately in need of hacking — this looks like great fun. Thanks to Albert for letting me know.