Blogging an Alaska Airlines Incident

As a frequent business flier on Alaska Airlines between San Diego and Seattle, this I-was-there story about rapid depressurization was unnerving — especially the completely avoidable likely cause (mind you, I don’t agree with either the blogger’s or the Seattle P-I article author’s implicit fingering of non-union workers):

An aviation expert close to the investigation said the jet was probably struck
by a baggage cart while at Sea-Tac and the incident was not reported before the
plane took off for Burbank.The damaged area of the plane would have been
weakened by the ramp incident and the aluminum skin then likely ruptured once
the jet neared its cruising altitude, according to this person, who did not want
to be identified.


  1. And another humble blogger becomes front page news. His account was the 24th most viewed news story on yahoo today.