Blog Spammers Change Tactics

I wondered why it was taking so long, but blog spammers finally changed tactics. Instead of trying to hide spam in old comments, thinking the unwashed wouldn’t notice, they have now taken to trying to attach spam comments against recent posts.

Of late more than half the spam attempts I have blocked here have been against posts that were less than ten days old. It is a somewhat smarter tactic, one that forces bloggers to be smarter, as opposed to, say, a blanket ban on comments on old posts, or pre-emptively spam-weighting comments on older entries.


  1. Got Cialis, PK?
    I don’t know about you, but the majority of email spam I get these days doesn’t even come in complete sentences. It seems to be a bunch of random words strung together with periods at the end of them, with some link at the end. Not exactly convincing enough to click on the link. Either spammers are from other countries and don’t know English, or they’re graduating California High School Seniors.

  2. Funny you should ask!
    Yeah, most of mine is the same. The only change is that they’re now pegging newer posts, as opposed to the olden days of a year ago when they went after the deeply buried posts.