BIOS is Evil, and USB is Worse

Oye, it’s 1am and here I am spelunking in Windows XP, Intel BIOS flash updates, and the perils of USB 2.0. I can’t for the life of me convince my system that when I plug in a USB 2.0-supporting webcam it really should support it as a USB 2.0 webcam. Unbelievably frustrating, and it persists despite a just-completed BIOS update, despite turning off legacy support for low-speed USB 1.1 — and despite a lot of swearing.

This is truly the sort of thing that will one day drive me to drop the Windows platform.


  1. “one day”
    Please. Switch and be done with this nonsense. There’s just nothing worse out there than Windows people whining. It’s Xmas. Have some eggnog. Make a decision for a change. And enjoy.

  2. OSX my friend :)

  3. Hey Man,
    Even I switched recently. Its doable. And its worth it.

  4. yes get a mack. then start taking the train to work instead of a car. then maybe get rid of your mack and just get a tv. you have more control with pc. i agree though. %90 of you should have macs.

  5. Nivi says get a Powerbook.
    – Ol’ Dirty Nivi

  6. Okay, okay, you’ve all convinced me. I’m going to pick a Mac next week and do a taste test. It was absurd, absolutely absurd, how difficult it was for me to get a webcam session. Yes, it eventually worked, but the idea that I had to make multiple BIOS updates is beyond the pale.

  7. “I’m going to pick a Mac next week”
    No, you don’t do anything before MacWorld reveals what Apple has in store for you. So get your favorite beverage ready for Steve’s keynote at MWSF, then go out and buy one.

  8. Agreed. Wait till Macworld SF.

  9. Actually, do wait before *buying* but if a friend with a spare Mac can let you test drive it (make sure it has Tiger installed) then it will make it more relevant to follow along Steve’s Keynote. Play with Spotlight, Keynote, iTunes and the iLife suite which hopefully will be installed.

  10. I’m going to poke a stick into the bear cage and suggest that after a few months with a Mac, there will be things that irritate you almost as much as the USB-BIOS affair — maybe not hardware-related, but irritating nonetheless. Apple is far from perfect on the user-interface front, despite what Mac devotees will tell you.

  11. Testdrive first. I didn’t and it was a mistake. Think about this. You’re complaining that you need to update the BIOS. I can relate to that infruriating type of problem on Windows. Now consider what happens when you run into that problem on a Mac. Overall Macs are less frustrating. But when they do throw you a curve it’s a god damn black box. I haven’t got a clue how to fix anything. With Windows I was comfortable going into a registry or a BIOS. With Apple you need to take it to the condescending jerks at the genius bar. Boy do they need to start serving alcohol at those places. Shots only.

  12. “But when they do throw you a curve it’s a god damn black box.”
    To you, that is.
    “I haven’t got a clue how to fix anything.”
    There you said it.
    So all you’ve managed to say was that you know Windows and you don’t know Unix/Mac. What can we do about that?
    I bet you know infinitely more about, say, virus or spyware cleaning on Windows than on Macs. I haven’t used “security” apps on Macs in about a decade and I haven’t had a single incidence. Not once. I don’t ever think about the subject unless someone starts talking about “black boxes” and “fixing stuff.”
    Well, enjoy your BIOS, anyway.
    And Paul, give yourself at least a month or two where you promise yourself NOT to directly compare Win against Mac, at least until you reach some level of comfort and familiarity. Things will be different. Unlearning is more difficult than learning.

  13. Mac zealots. The brainwashed un-masses. Good market to sell the heck out of, but too bad Apple owns it. Now say bye to the knee-jerks.