Amazon Sets Records

This Bloomberg story heads up the no-surprise surprise financial file:

Amazon Says Holiday Sales Set Record on IPods and Video Games

Dec. 26 (Bloomberg) — Inc., the world’s biggest online retailer, said holiday sales worldwide set a record this year on demand for Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod music players, video games and jewelry.

Shoppers bought more than 108 million items between Nov. 1 and Christmas, the Seattle-based retailer said today in a statement. The company did not provide revenue figures. The busiest single day was Monday, Dec. 12, when customers ordered 3.6 million items.

Ipods were … the top three-selling items in electronics for

For more, see this Amazon release. As I said here two days ago, remind me again why people do spot-checks for mall parking lots?

[Update] For those of you doing math at home, that December 12th “busiest day” at Amazon works out to 42 items per second (which, as one poster here points out, means a smaller number of orders — as most orders contain more than one item — but still darn impressive).


  1. I think you mean 42 items per second, not orders. An order can (and usually does) contain multiple items.
    Their peak during that day was probably quite a bit higher. Peak load is likely 2-4 times times the average. So there may have been sustained periods of time in that day when they were selling 125 items per second. Flying off the shelves!