Admin: Comments are Screwy

As a number of people have discovered, something is awry with the comments script on this site. Darn Movable Type software is apparently up to more of its usual tricks. When you submit a comment here it gets onto the site, but there is a long lag, and often an accompanying CGI error.

I’m looking into it, but I wanted to let people know. If only it weren’t so tough to jump to WordPress. Reading the comments over at TechCrunch on Mike and others’ move to WP 2.0 is enough to put me off — I just don’t have time for that kind of futzing.


  1. You don’t have to jump straight to WordPress 2.0 — you could move to WordPress 1.5, which has been around for awhile and is very stable (and easy to use). Of course, it’s not immune to bugs either :-)

  2. Why don’t you do what Jeff Jarvis did? Switch platforms completely, and keep this site running as your archives?

  3. Both ideas are good ones. I don’t have to leap to 2.0, but if it means another upgrade in the next few months I would like to do the jump all at once. And leaving this site as archives isn’t bad either.
    I’ll have a closer look this weekend.