Added: A Comments Feed

A bunch of people have been asking for this, so I have added a Comments feed to the site. It is at the URL (which auto-forwards requests to a burned Feedburner feed, but you don’t need to worry about that).


  1. While you’re mucking about with comments stuff, Paul, care to provide permalinks to individual comments? :)

  2. Hey Geof — Hmmm, there are permalinks for individual comments, I just don’t show them! I’ll fix it.

  3. Awesome! I hope you’ll find utility out of this as I have.

  4. You ever think about adding an archives page with links to each month of posts? As it is, I was only able to go through your archives by figuring out your post URL-numbering scheme. Great blog, btw.

  5. Thanks Ajay. Yes, had thought about it, but added tag cloud instead. Should probably add tho, as I continue to get requests.

  6. Super mega site! Yahoooo!