The Real VC Power List

In writing an email the other day I mentioned a certain top-drawer VC and was surprised to see their surname not flagged as a spelling error in Microsoft Word. Howzat, I wondered? My surname, Kedrosky, is a spelling error in Microsoft Word, so how is that some distinctive VC surnames are not considered typos?

I know the answer: Influence! Power! Getting your surname into Microsoft Word’s spellchecker is real market power.

So, without further nattering, here is the real VC power list: top-ranked VCs from Forbes’ 2004 Midas list, plus a few others, with the ones that MS Word thinks is a spelling error marked in red:

Vinod Khosla
John Doerr
Ann Winblad
Mike Moritz
Georges Doriot
Promod Haque
David Strohm
Peter Wagner
Seth Neiman


  1. IIRC, Ann Winblad has the advantage of being BillG’s former girlfriend…

  2. It may be because I’m still using Word 2002, but ‘blogger’ is a spelling error…

  3. I’m predicting a sudden slew of VC investments in spell check companies.

  4. Isn’t it individual word specific? I’ll buy the Ann Winblad explanation, but I’d bet Wagner is because of the composer (neither Mozart nor Strauss is typo either). Moritz might be from St. Moritz or Karl Philipp Moritz (apparently a friend of Goethe)
    Neiman from Neiman-Marcus? (It knows Sears)
    First names it seems to know somewhat arbitrarily…