The MySpace Stats

Some remarkable stats on MySpace’s growth, according to a new Comscore Metrics report (cited in BusinessWeek):

  • 150,000 new users a day during the first half of November, up from about 100,000 a day last summer
  • 24.2 million unique users in October, up 12% from 21.6 million in September
  • 11.6 billion page views in October (up from 9-billion in September), displacing eBay as the fourth-busiest site on the net
  • More page views than any Internet destination except Yahoo, AOL, and MSN.
  • Twice the page views as Google which logged 6.6 billion in October.

I’m not sure which stat boggles my mind most. Maybe it’s that MySpace adds a Flickr worth of users every working week. Then again, maybe it’s that MySpace currently gets 4,475 page views a second, which is a remarkable figure for a site not exactly designed, a la Google, for delivering pages in a hurry.



  1. My handy-dandy spreadsheet says that it’s much closer to 4,475/sec (for a 30 day month). Still quite remarkable.

  2. Paul,
    There is NO WAY IN HELL that Google only gets 6.6B page views a month. That’s AT MOST 4 days worth for them.
    The fact that the world believes comScore is starting to boggle my mind. Their panel data is already taken as gospel, but it’s likely to be off by a factor of 10, IMHO.
    See here for more:

  3. Thanks John. Good point — many people are skeptical of Comscore’s data. Nevertheless, assuming the trend is anything like what they say, it is still interesting times at MySpace. Fairly remarkable stuff.

  4. Have You Been Focusing on the Wrong Traffic Engine?

    I don’t mean you should be focusing on Yahoo or MSN.
    I talkin’ about Myspace.
    Via nivi’s (which is insanely good!) we find paul.kedrosky post on myspace stats:
    150,000 new users a day during the first half of November,…

  5. The good news is that Comscore gives equally bad data for all sites, so not bad for comparisons.

  6. i think another interesting stat would be ‘average number of freinds per myspace member’…thier growth was completely viral and i bet this number is astounding. Does anyone have this stat?

  7. This information is insane!! I personally do not have a mySpace but I have MANY close friends that do. I am doing a presentation in my Sociology class on December 6th on MySpace and this information is going to be a BIG hit!! Thanks! If you have anymore info feel free to send me some.