The Loeb Wire

I said a few days ago that I had a new little tool/service/thingie I had written to which I was about to give people access. While that’s getting closer, I thought I’d slice off a corner of it and give people a fun little new feed.

Now and then fund manager Daniel Loeb of Third Point writes screeds to investee companies. There are lots of fun ones, and I’ve pointed to a number of them here. The trouble is, however, that to keep track of when Loeb writes these things you need to go dumpster-diving now and then through SEC Edgar filings. That’s boring, so I wrote a script to watch for Third Point filings, scan ’em for letters, and extract them once found. Better yet, every new Loeb letter is poured in full into into an RSS feed, one that I’m calling Loeb Wire.

You can find the “live” Loeb Wire here. While you can click on the link and get a look at it via Feedburner, if you’re really interested you should copy the URL and add it your list of feeds in your favorite newsreader. And if it doesn’t work for you, let me know.


  1. There’s a lot of text, but it’s not formatted, and it’s very hard to read. I’m using Safari.

  2. It’s an RSS feed. You need to add it to your feedreader. You can, however, look at it now though: I set it to be formatted for browser-based reading via Feedburner.

  3. Thanks for tolerating my stupidity. My grasp of RSS is limited to bloglines, and newsgator’s web interface which I’ve found to be not great. Since I don’t use outlook, the regular service doesn’t help much.

  4. No problem. You can copy and paste the URL to Bloglines, or it can be viewed directly now. No problem.

  5. sweet!

  6. That is very cool! I’d like to be able to create a tool like this, especially in the area of scanning/parsing SEC filings … but I don’t know a thing about “scripting” :-( Can you recommend a book or other resource that would get me up to speed quickly?

  7. Dito. That’s awesome. Howdidyadothat?

  8. Thanks Daniel (and others). Basically doing this required some spidering, a bit of programmatic text parsing, and the judicious deployment of a few helpful Perl modules … and voila. It’s part of a larger project, whose outlines you can guess from this, but you get the idea.