The Bill Gates of Biotech

The whole “Bill Gates of …” meme is so cliched and irritating that, on principle, I almost skipped a piece in the current BusinessWeek (“Imagining the Next Bill Gates”) about trends in biotech. Anyway, the piece is worth reading, mainly because it is so blase (is writer Greg Blonder of Morgenthaler really so sanguine about genetic modification?), and it again demonstrates the persistent (and generally wrong-headed) belief of IT-turned-biotech sorts (including Gates himself) that we are on the cusp of the age of rational drug design. Riiiight.


  1. one way stox says:

    stem cells? yeah, I can’t imagine any upside to a science where the only upshot is repairing damaged tissue through a natural mechanism of action that comes from some slime in amniotic fluid.

  2. Sorry? I’m as interested in stem cell use in therapies as anyone, but what does that have to do with some hypothesized near-term transition to wide-ranging rational drug design?

  3. Rational drug design just around the corner? Best to check in with Derek Lowe over at In The Pipeline. Doesn’t look like the leading molecular modeling software packages are leading anywhere useful right now.