Spam Flood This Morning

As was inevitable given the absence of adaptive filtering in Movable Type 3.2, I’m seeing what looks like a flood of MT–tuned comment spam. While MT folks say that MT 3.2 has deprecated the need for MT-Blacklist, I wish there was something in MT 3.2 that autonomously learned from the stuff I spam-filter here on the site. Madness.


  1. Maybe it’s just nature’s way of telling you to switch to WordPress…

  2. Heh, you do have the option of switching to an entirely different set of spamming problems, at the cost of redoing your entire site, but we’re absolutely working on making the best suite of spam-fighting plugins available on top of what’s already the smartest framework for fighting spam.
    Right now, we’re looking at the traits of the new wave of spam and seeing if it’s something that can simply be accommodated by tweaking settings in the included SpamLookup plugin, and that looks promising. If you’ve got specific info on a spam attack you’d like to share, please feel free to forward it on to us.