Seeya Riya(?)

There have been enough rumors over the last couple of days that you could have turned it into a drinking game. But I now see speculation on Om’s blog, as well as over on Niall’s site, so, with a caution that it’s utterly unconfirmed, I’ll simply repeat what I’ve heard: There is a persistent rumor that photo site Riya — which was supposed to launch later this week — has been bought by Google for as much as $60–million.

If it’s true, a photo site for so much, you wonder: Why? Well, because Riya has some working technology embedded in its web service for doing face recognition, such that, in theory, you could show it a few friends and family members in some photos, and it would spot and label those people in others it came across. Nice, and certainly the sort of thing a Google would find useful, assuming it works and it’s scalable.

But is it $60mm worth of useful? I guess it depends on whether you’re a founder, an investor, or an observer, doesn’t it.


  1. Kachiiiiiing!!
    Talk about doing entrepreneurship properly.

  2. I read that the selling price is near $40 milions. I think with this Riya’s Technology, Google could offer some great news services better that the Flickr-Yahoo to google’s users.

  3. $40 million is cheap I think for Riya.

  4. $60m, or roughly 0.05% of Google. Barely a rounding error.

  5. $20 per account/subscriber, do they have 2 million subs? don’t get valuation metodology they use

  6. here’s another way to look at it:
    20+ employees, working for ~1-2(?) years = approx $1.5-3 million / year per employee. Of course this isn’t distributed evenly across the employees. Since Google also gets a pretty talented and knowledgable set of people along with acquisition, this seems like a pretty good deal for them!