Rethinking Domain Names

While UnifiedRoot isn’t the first company to think it can convince people to adopt a different way of addressing Internet domains, they seem like they have thought through making possible domain names like news.cnn (for CNN), Mind you are they are way over-priced, unless I misunderstand the pricing scheme.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting idea. After all, the idea that your domain name must end in .com is an artifact of the the way the domain name system evolved, not something that has any real utility to anyone except tax lawyers. Change would be good — and would help keep ICANN honest.


  1. Unless I’m missing something this was tried years ago by New Names (from Idea Lab) and it flopped. The challenge is to get widespread adoption and that only happens when the resolvers in each browser recognize these new extensions. The other problem is political. ICANN, NSI and the IP community (through WIPO) will fight this if they see it as a real threat to their control over the namespace.