MeasureMap, Google Analytics, and the Burns Bog

So far this is no-contest: MeasureMap wins the blog analytics “war” in a walk. The specialized tools at MeasureMap, while far from perfect, are much more useful to bloggers than are the general purpose analytics out of Google/Urchin. (Whether that matters, of course, is a totally different question.)

As the data mining people like to say, context is king, and MeasureMap understands that it is parsing blog data. Meanwhile Google Analytics, for all of its puissance, doesn’t know the difference between a blog and a site about the Burns Bog. The future is in understanding context and intention.


  1. Isn’t Google Analytics designed for Adwords customers?
    errr…..don’t think Google could care less if bloggers use Urchin….it all just seems like GOOG has retaliated to Yahoo releasing their publisher program.
    Actually…maybe the stats could usefully compliment AdSense statistics.
    Damn, still can’t beleive what the execs in the other web analytics outfits have on their hands. Somebody just ate all of their pay cheques.
    It’s going to be very interesting to see if they can recover from this.

  2. Daniel — Yes, I think it is. But that hasn’t stopped people from musing all over that it is going to end up causing all stats program trouble. My point is that narrowly-defined apps will still do okay, but it will, as you say, kick sand into the eyes of general-purpose web stats apps.