What if the Cost of Domain Registration was Zero?

I’ll give you an idea of how much newfound interest there is the domainer business. After I wrote here last weekend about some of the success domainers had quietly had over the last few years moving from a domain-squatting model to a traffic-based model, I had no less than three venture folks call me and want to talk more about it. This was (mostly) news to them, and they were suddenly interested. (Granted, most of them are still a little fuzzy on what’s going on, and are generally trapped in trying to clone what others are already doing. There are other ways folks.)

Anyway, to hint at some ways of rethinking things, people will find the following historical factoid about domain registration interesting:

Cost of (no strings attached) .com domain registration:

  • 1998: $70
  • 2001: $15
  • 2004: $5.95
  • 2005: $2.95

[via Domain Name Wire]