Here’s Blood in Your Eye

Fascinating paper out in a German medical journal describing the successful treatment of post-LASIK severe dry eye and neurotrophic keratopathy (corneal redness/irritation) with autologous serum eye drops, as well as emulsion drops after inserting punctal plugs. What, you wonder, is “autologous serum eye drops”? Well, serum is the fluid part of blood that remains after clotting, so the treatment is sort of like putting blood in your eye.

The results are encouraging, especially given the rapidly rising incidence of dry eye as a consequence of LASIK surgery. (For reasons that aren’t entirely understood, LASIK tends to cause a significant increase in the incidence of dry eye, perhaps because the number of nerves leading to the ocular surface being severed.) Granted, this sort of treatment is more than a little controversial, but it’s still fascinating stuff.

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