Google the Golden Retriever

While many people are applauding Google’s decision to open up Urchin to all-comers, some Urchin customers are less pleased. Matter of fact, they’re downright angry.

I’ll quote one such Urchin customer to demonstrate. He had to change log-ins, is now being trapped behind hordes of wanna-do-analytics sorts at the Urchin door, and once inside discovered that there is no data in his account:

When I finally do get in to Urchin, I have no data since 3pm yesterday. That’s 24 hours without data. Zero. Zip. None. I’m trying to run my business here, folks! Hello?

It’s nice that it’s now free. But I was willing to pay $200 per month for a service that Just Worked. Google may be all excited about advertising business models, but there are billion dollars businesses built on charging other businesses $200 per month.

Right now, I feel like Google doesn’t care about me enough as a customer to tell me that they’re changing a product I pay for. They don’t care enough about me as a customer to make sure that my login doesn’t change, or that they at least ask or warn me before changing my login. They don’t care enough about me as a customer to make sure that the re-launch of their product doesn’t dramatically impact the people who are already paying them lots of money.

Google isn’t acting like a real business, they are acting like an over-enthusiastic Golden Retriever puppy. Oh, they just knocked the vase off the table with their tail, but aren’t they cute? Um, no. Google, grow up. If you keep this up, you will piss off enough people that you are doomed.


  1. Google is about moving faster. bigger. hype. they live off of it. if they alienate a few clients for a lot they win. they don’t act like a real business their like a kid with baseball cards. they always have to have a newer better one.