Google Base: None for Me, Thanks

So, I messed with Google Base a bunch tonight and it doesn’t do much for me. I’ve as much data I’d like to store as the next seven people, but Google Base isn’t going to be where it goes. While i’m fond of the idea in principle, the site is instantly-dated feeling, as Mike Arrington says, “It’s like a 1985 dbase file with less functionality”, which is about right. It’s also far from self-documenting, with me having wandered in circles trying to figure out if this was a private database, a public database, and if I could upload other things than text. It’s all poorly explained in the FAQ.

What’s more, following a trend set earlier in the week by Google Analytics, Google Base is already down for maintenance. It was up at 9:30pm PST, but by 11:00pm PST I was getting an “Oops…” page. Nice.


  1. Agreed it ain’t really there there.
    Plus it’s already a spam-a-thon. My rant here: