Dumpster Diving in Attention Data

Nick Bradbury has some thoughtful musings about combining OPML with attention data to get help manage the overload problem. He’s on the right track, but having just a run a Report of my most frequently visited blogs in Nick’s Feeddemon program we still have kinks to work out. It told me my my favorite blog is currently Autoblog, which is a fine outlet, but nowhere near my favorite place to go.

So why did Autoblog bubble to the top? Because it comes alphabetically first at the beginning of my list of feeds, so I “visit” it more often than anywhere else. But how do you fix that problem? You would have to keep track of how far I make it through my list of feeds each time I wander through, and often-times I don’t make it all the way, so the first few feeds will show up more than they should.

[Update] There is a good (quantitative) discussion on attention algorithms here.


  1. Alex Popov says:

    Agreed. But its an interesting start. My AD said I spent time on “Video games”- turns out Flickr is labeled as a Video game…

  2. Good point, Paul, and one of the reasons I think feed-level attention data is missing part of the point.