Cramer on Google, Bottled Milk, & Newspapers

Here is Jim “Mad Money” Cramer opining entertainingly on Google, media, and the outlook for newspapers:

On big media’s fear of Google …

“The cowering has to do with the fact that they don’t even know what the Web offers. They’re clueless.”

On newspapers …

“They’re dead,” he shouted into his cellphone as he made his way to the studio one morning. “Kids are never going to get papers. It’s idiotic, like getting milk delivered to your door.”

On how traditional media should counterattack …

“It would be really helpful if they went on Yahoo and figured out that it’s more than a chat board. At least they’d be able to program against it.”

obDisclosure: I write a weekly column for the Cramer-founded RealMoney/TheStreet.

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