Carlyle’s Full Employment Program for Investment Bankers

From Dan Primack’s PE Week Wire, the following factoid is astounding concerning private equity powerhouse Carlyle Group:

…Carlyle spent around $500 million in I-banking fees over the past year.



  1. I was reading yesterday about the economy building around Skype and Carlyle seems to be another example of an ecosystem business.
    Like DFJ, they’ve been able to follow a strategy and expand globally, very quickly. Funny enought, some time ago, I tried following the deals they were making and just gave up after a while- often there were more than three on any given day.
    Now Carlyle has opened in Sydney and I think the guys driving the group have really got to be recognised for their achivements. All cynisism aside about why Carlyle succeeds, I’d say the Carlyle crew have one hell of a business on their hands.