Business News is Bad, Bad, Bad

Columbia Journalism Review has launched a cranky critique blog of business & financial journalism. While there’s plenty to criticize in business & finance coverage, you wouldn’t know by the initial installments of CJR’s Audit blog.

For example, the writer goes off on Randall Stross, a frequent contributor to the N.Y. Times, for his recent piece about how Google is taming advertising on the web. While there are many examples of breathless coverage of Google in the business & financial press — like today’s Froogle paeans — Stross’s piece is a crummy example. Advertising happens to be an where the superlatives about Google are actually warranted — the company is transforming and taming the industry, to the point that it was a central topic at ad:tech and is a frequent cover subject in Advertising Age.

This kneejerk CJR notion that the only respectable media coverage is negative media coverage is tiresome. It is also one of the reasons fewer and fewer people read newspapers anymore.

[via Dan Primack]