Announcing the IG Real Estate BubbleWire

Curious about when your local real estate market has peaked? One useful measure is real estate inventory, which is the amount of product (i.e., homes and condos) on the market. With that measure in mind, I have put together a new feed for Infectious Greed readers. I’m calling it the Infectious Greed Real Estate BubbleWire (a handful, I know), and what it gives you is a daily feed of changes in real estate inventories — both homes and condos — in major U.S. markets.

You can have a look at it by clicking here, but best is to copy and paste the link into your favorite feedreader. Let me know if you have any issues subscribing to or reading it, and I’m happy to add a few more cities, if people want ’em. I’ll also add weekly/monthly/quarterly data shortly.


  1. Paul, I think you’re onto something here…
    Mashup real estate data with GAMEY Maps?
    Heard some company just got seven figures for doing that very thing…alot of value here.
    hush hush
    Oh! If you could do Australian data, that’d be great…I know a company that’d buy it.

  2. Speaking of collecting information; Mark Siegal has just posted a great piece on information arbitrage.

  3. I was suprised you didn’t include Vancouver data. No bubble in your (and my) hometown? With all the development going in in Yaletown and False Creek, I think it would make interesting tracking.

  4. would you mind adding denver to your list of metro areas? thanks.

  5. Vancouver … added!
    Denver … added!

  6. Could you please add Minneapolis/St. Paul, if available.

  7. Alex — Will do later today.

  8. Thanks much – looking forward to it.

  9. Thanks! Looking at the feed, Vancouver appears so tiny. It’s an interesting perspective.