Ad:Tech: Advertisers are Troglodytes

The Ad:Tech conference is underway in New York, and as you might imagine given the Google-ization of (some aspects of) advertising, the technology component of the event is interesting. Among other things, events today (from my remote read) reinforced how far traditional media shops are from truly integrating search-based ads into the marketing mix. Mind you, technology-driven marketing pitches are non-starters, especially the sort of stuff spewed by one Intel representative today:

“Until they understand search as a valid part of the marketing mix,” [said the Intel rep.], it won’t reach the next level.

Gee, that’s the way to win customers and influence advertisers. Tell ‘em they’re troglodytes. More seriously, I don’t buy that marketers are largely missing the importance of search. I count no less than nine search-related session at Ad:Tech this year.