Web 2.0 Talk in Vancouver on October 25

For those of you in Vancouver and environs, I’m giving a Web 2.0–ish talk (maybe more like a throat-clearing, given that I’m only allotted fifteen minutes) at a Vancouver Enterprise Forum get-together on Tuesday of this week. It’s in some golf-ball-shaped building near downtown, I’m told. Anyway, here is the title of the talk:

Get Your Head Out of the F**ing Tag Cloud

The title aside, it’s actually a cheerful and upbeat bit of musing. Really. I mean it.

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  1. brian says:

    hey! tag! get out of my cloud!
    hey! tag! get out of my cloud!
    sounds like the rolling stones to me!

  2. Brent Holliday says:

    I have ordered 100 packets of Grape Kool-Aid for the event. Instead of “just add sugar”, they will say, “just add smug, self-importance”. See you there…

  3. Kara says:

    It was indeed cheerful and upbeat – many thanks! Tonight was, by far, the most enjoyable VEF event I’ve been to!

  4. Paul K. says:

    Thanks Kara. Much appreciated !

  5. Helen says:

    Will there be anything like that in the nearest future?