Reality TV, Journalism, and User-Generated Content

In a sense, reality TV is just user-generated content. It is amateurs doing what they do, and creating content as a byproduct of their actions. Granted, network/cable television still has an unhealth level of control as mediator and distributor, but you get the idea.

So, how long until we see a story like the following from Variety, except like the subject with be the impact of blogs on professional journalists?

Statistics released Wednesday by Screen Actors Guild showed a 10% plunge in episodic television roles last year to 34,431 — a loss of 3,523 roles from 2003 — as reality programming in primetime increased from 15 to 22 hours per week…


  1. Hmmmmm….got me thinking.
    Actors should just be filming their own stuff and broadcasting it on MySpace, straight through their feed, or some other networking site.
    There should be and always will, space for independant, low budget cinema and the actors and directors out there should be actively making the stuff and distributing it online.
    They don’t need anybody else to do it. At worst case, AdWords will give them the exposure they want but I am sure the creatives can put together an awesome campaign if need be.
    What I am saying is that, this idea of the poor, starving actor should be totally forgotten. These guys have all the infrastructure, availble to them (often free of charge) to make, market and monetize their art. Actors should just say no to hand outs, logon and start running their film ventures online.