Playing Email Hot Potato

I just realized one of my work email addresses was in a forwarding frenzy:

  1. People would send me email at the work address
  2. The address was set to bounce it to an ISP address that I only use to receive email from the above work account
  3. I had set the ISP address to bounce all incoming email to another personal address that I use much more often
  4. The personal address was set to procmail bounce incoming messages from the above address to Gmail where it would be spam-cleansed
  5. The Gmail address was configured to bounce the email back to me again at the personal address
  6. I would grab the email from the personal address using my POP client

My conclusion after realizing all the Brownian bouncing that those work emails go through: I’m lucky I ever receive anything.


  1. What a mess.
    I was there once, but the I did a bit of refactoring. I have one work account, one private account on paid e-mail provider that supports IMAP (yes, I do pay for my e-mail, it is worth it!), and one gmail account. I use work account for … well.. work-related stuff. I give my private account address only to friends and respectable trusted parties, I use gmail address for leaving here and there on the Web. I have spam filtering in all those three and additional filtering in Thunderbird. I either closed my old accounts or forwarded them to my private account.
    First two accounts are checked all the time, and I check gmail once or twice a week. gmail serves as a kind of garbage bin. I do not use it for anything more than that I disregard e-mail accounts that do not support IMAP.

  2. Which email address should I use then for a bouncing ride?

  3. Which email address should I use then for a bouncing ride?