PDX WiFi Rocks

I just discovered that Portland airport now has free wireless throughout the main concourse. No more sitting on my suitcase outside the Alaska Airlines lounge just to get free Wi-Fi! Oh joy, oh bliss!


  1. I had the same experience at the Vegas airport. As a consultant flying pretty much weekly in and out of Chicago O’Hare I have been getting pretty sick of camping in front of United’s fancy-esque Red Carpet Club just to get a teens-percent wireless signal. On a recent connector through Vegas I opened my laptop and was AMAZED to see they had free WiFi. My first reactions were utter disbelief and immense joy, followed quickly by “Why the hell doesn’t every airport have this yet?”
    I would at least have expected Macintosh to have jumped in by this point to get some free marketing with Airport AirPorts or something…

  2. Free WiFi is sort of the culture in Portland. Most coffee shops have it and so do a number of bars.
    If you ever get outside of the airport in Portland, you should check out my Portland WiFi site, http://wifipdx.com