Ohhh, You Meant That Ajax !

Back in an October 8th Economist magazine profile of Technorati founder Dave Sifry there was this passage about Technorati’s list of then-hot topics:

Technorati is a pioneering search engine for blogs, which allows the surfer to connect to online chatter on topics that might interest him-top topics this week, included Harriet Miers and Ajax football club.

Harriet Myers, sure, but a Dutch football club? While the Internet is a global place, it was wildly unlikely that a top topic in the tech & politics mad blog-o-sphere was a 100-year-old soccer team, however storied it might be.

Judging by a letter in this week’s Economist, I wasn’t the only who thought the Economist’s writer (or U.K.-based editors) got their Ajaxes mixed up:

SIR – As an inhabitant of Amsterdam employed in IT, I am fairly confident that the “Ajax” you refer to as the top topic on the Technorati search engine for blogs is not our local football team, but is in fact the acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, the latest hype in website development.

Matthijs Breebaart



  1. Michael Robinson says:

    I noticed that one as well. In fact, it was merely the most egregious of a number of egregious fact-checking failures in that issue, further reinforcing my impression that The Economist is a publication in long-term decline, and the editors are largely phoning it in at this point.

  2. Were you as excited as me to get your copy of “Intelligent Life: New Trends For Smart Living” today in the mail?